Test Automation Scripting Technique- Keyword Driven Scripting

Test Automation Scripting Technique- Keyword Driven Scripting
Keyword driven testing
It is an approach in which the control to check and execute operations in maintained with external data files. So the test data and the operations/sequence of the test is planned in external data file and extra library is need to interpret this data in addition to the conventional script. It is an extension of data driven testing.
Pros and Cons of Keyword driven testing

  • Combines the data driven, shared and structured scripting approach
  • Test case is defined by data
  • Development costs are high since more efforts are needed for test planning and development
  • High programming skills are required by tester
  • Initial planning and management efforts are very high
  • Data exists in external files
  • Maintenance costs are low

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Disclaimer: The article/post is posted with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information. The article may contain references or content from other informative sources.

Researched/Authored/Compiled by Ronak Shah [Practice Head- Software Testing (QA), CIGNEX Datamatics]    

About the author– Ronak Shah is the well-known Software Quality Strategist, QA Architect and the man behind delivering hundreds of “quality” software solutions worldwide to the enterprises including Fortune Global 500 companies. He is proficient in setting up, developing and managing independent Software Testing (QA) practice/department from the scratch in the organizations with his strong capabilities around team building, competence building and CMMi processes design and implementation. His leadership and management skills have won him many prestigious awards, recognitions and accolades from various organizations and esteemed clients for his outstanding performance, value-added contributions and his expert knowledge in “all types of software testing”. Ronak Shah (National Level Software Testing Topper Rank-1 as per TechGig.com, Geek Challenge Winner on ZDNet.com) can be reached at ronak.quality@yahoo.com.


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